• Exciting News!

    Hello lovelies!

    I hope you’ve been enjoying the new SPUN shop, and I’m super excited to report that it’s about to get even better! Now, you can find fabulous, eco-friendly fashions AND read up on “green” fashion and lifestyle tips, and the latest SPUN news right here on the SPUN blog!

    Since I’m not really a blogger and tend to talk too much…I’m bringing in a little help from my friend, Dominique B.
    Dominique is a Seattle-native, Sagittarius, MAC make-up junkie, and a borderline stalker fan of SPUN! She’s also a writer who’s worked for Seattle Picks and the Seattle edition of Ideal Bite (which sadly is no more).

    Her first post will be up real soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment here and let Dominique know what you’d like her to write about! Oh, and please welcome her aboard!

    As always, I appreciate the support and thanks for choosing SPUN.


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    • Dominique says…

      I’m so excited to write about SPUN!

      on February 05, 2010

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