• Have You Met Diane?

    She’s fun, flirty, simple yet stylish, and she really cares about the planet. No, she’s not Barney’s latest gal pal on this week’s episode of HIMYM (“How I Met Your Mother”). She’s actually my new SPUN wrap dress.

    Like all SPUN pieces, she’s made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and colored with environmentally safe dye. And she’s versatile, which I think adds another eco-friendly (and budget friendly too!) element — it’s like a day dress and a night dress in one. Talk about making your clothes do double duty!

    Last week Diane and I made our debut at the office, with high boots and a bright scarf — dresses/skirts + boots are my solution to soggy pant legs on a rainy day, and scarves are my solution to cold days.

    Next time we’re out on the town, I’m planning to dress her up with a fashionable fringe metal necklace, like this upcycled piece from Brooklyn’s indie designer Fort. I tried to find a local Seattle area designer making similar pieces, but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

    How ‘bout you — do you already have your own Diane? What’s your favorite way to dress her up or down?

    Fashionably yours,

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