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    Trends may change, but there are a few staples that a gal’s always got: a little black dress, a comfy-yet-sexy tee, and a great pair of jeans. Much as I may lust over Joe’s and Seven’s, my old faithfuls of late have mostly come from Gap or Old Navy. And I’m always getting compliments, so they must be working for me! While these larger chain stores are far from the local, eco-friendly designers and shops that I try to support, that doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

    Through this weekend (March 14) Gap is collecting used jeans (of any and all brands) to be upcycled into insulation for homes in communities in need. As an added bonus for you, Gap will give you 30% off your purchase of a new pair of jeans — you’ve always gotta have a pair, right? I’ve heard some buzz that Gap carries some organic cotton jeans, but I couldn’t find any on their online shop. If you’ve got the scoop on this, please share.

    And while we’re talking recycling, did you know that SPUN has its own recycling program? You can send in your worn or damaged SPUN pieces and Sara will use the salvageable material for samples and new pieces — and she’ll give you a $10 credit towards your next SPUN purchase. Just email recycle@choosespun.com for info on how to send your old SPUN pieces back to us! Not too shabby, eh?

    Yours in Recycling,

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    • Andrea says…

      That’s great that you offer a recycling option! More companies should do this!

      on March 13, 2010

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