• Recycled Style

    Trends may change, but there are a few staples that a gal’s always got: a little black dress, a comfy-yet-sexy tee, and a great pair of jeans. Much as I may lust over Joe’s and Seven’s, my old faithfuls of late have mostly come from Gap or Old Navy. And I’m always getting compliments, so they must be working for me! While these larger chain stores are far from the local, eco-friendly designers and shops that I try to support, that doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

    Through this weekend (March 14) Gap is collecting used jeans (of any and all brands) to be upcycled into insulation for homes in communities in need. As an added bonus for you, Gap will give you 30% off your purchase of a new pair of jeans — you’ve always gotta have a pair, right? I’ve heard some buzz that Gap carries some organic cotton jeans, but I couldn’t find any on their online shop. If you’ve got the scoop on this, please share.

    And while we’re talking recycling, did you know that SPUN has its own recycling program? You can send in your worn or damaged SPUN pieces and Sara will use the salvageable material for samples and new pieces — and she’ll give you a $10 credit towards your next SPUN purchase. Just email for info on how to send your old SPUN pieces back to us! Not too shabby, eh?

    Yours in Recycling,

  • Have You Met Diane?

    She’s fun, flirty, simple yet stylish, and she really cares about the planet. No, she’s not Barney’s latest gal pal on this week’s episode of HIMYM (“How I Met Your Mother”). She’s actually my new SPUN wrap dress.

    Like all SPUN pieces, she’s made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and colored with environmentally safe dye. And she’s versatile, which I think adds another eco-friendly (and budget friendly too!) element — it’s like a day dress and a night dress in one. Talk about making your clothes do double duty!

    Last week Diane and I made our debut at the office, with high boots and a bright scarf — dresses/skirts + boots are my solution to soggy pant legs on a rainy day, and scarves are my solution to cold days.

    Next time we’re out on the town, I’m planning to dress her up with a fashionable fringe metal necklace, like this upcycled piece from Brooklyn’s indie designer Fort. I tried to find a local Seattle area designer making similar pieces, but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

    How ‘bout you — do you already have your own Diane? What’s your favorite way to dress her up or down?

    Fashionably yours,

  • Low V-Neck Winner

    Thanks to all of you who commented on your favorite SPUN piece! We drew a name and found our winner!

    Athena has won her very own SPUN Low V-Neck Tee and we can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it. Be sure to keep us updated Athena!


  • Ode To My Favorite SPUN Piece

    My closet is home to many SPUN pieces, but my favorite is — hands down — my Low V-Neck tee!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love all my SPUN, but a girl can’t help having a favorite, right?

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d give a special shout-out to this very special part of my life, er, wardrobe.

    Dearest SPUN tee, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

    1) I can throw you on with jeans, heels and the right accessories and feel like one hot mama.
    2) I can throw you on with pajama pants and feel like a very comfortable couch potato.
    3) Your color does not fade when I wash you.
    4) Your sleeves are the perfect length — they cover up the dreaded arm flab, rather than accentuate it like other traitor tees.
    5) You are just the right amount of snugness — not too tight and not too loose or frumpy.
    6) You are not too short, and not too long. You’re just right.
    7) You are soft. Probably because you are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
    8) You’ve got love for Mama Earth. Unlike traditional t-shirts, you don’t require 5 ounces of pesticides for your creation.

    I could go on, but I’d rather hear from you.

    Which SPUN piece do you heart the most?

    Leave a comment about your favorite piece, and you might just get a very special Valentine from SPUN: your very own Low V-Neck tee!

    Until next time,

  • Exciting News!

    Hello lovelies!

    I hope you’ve been enjoying the new SPUN shop, and I’m super excited to report that it’s about to get even better! Now, you can find fabulous, eco-friendly fashions AND read up on “green” fashion and lifestyle tips, and the latest SPUN news right here on the SPUN blog!

    Since I’m not really a blogger and tend to talk too much…I’m bringing in a little help from my friend, Dominique B.
    Dominique is a Seattle-native, Sagittarius, MAC make-up junkie, and a borderline stalker fan of SPUN! She’s also a writer who’s worked for Seattle Picks and the Seattle edition of Ideal Bite (which sadly is no more).

    Her first post will be up real soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment here and let Dominique know what you’d like her to write about! Oh, and please welcome her aboard!

    As always, I appreciate the support and thanks for choosing SPUN.