About Us

In early 2007, shortly after the birth of her second daughter, SPUN designer Sara Seumae started on a journey. Her family had already been bitten by the ‘green’ bug and was quickly making changes in their diet and all other aspects of daily life. It only seemed logical to take that next step into eco-friendly clothing. But Sara was not ready to make any concessions when it came to her personal style. She also needed to figure out a way to find quality clothing that wouldn't break her family budget.

Sara threw herself into the idea, spending time exploring the organic clothing market beginning in her hometown of Seattle, Washington and expanding across the world. Much to her surprise, she could not believe that what she was looking for was not available. Surely she couldn't be the only woman out there with this need.

While trying to explain this desire to her parents, her father interrupted her with a story. He began by reminding her that she was born about two years after her parents had married. Not knowing where this was going, Sara listened. He continued by telling her a little known secret. He had in fact started and closed 8 different companies in those two years before finally succeeding at the company he runs today. Sara was shocked! It seemed that entrepreneurship is in her blood. If she had a need that had yet to be filled, she needed to be the one to fill it. An idea was spun! Her father’s experience and her family's confidence in her success inspired the creation of SPUN clothing.

After more than a year of researching and educating herself on the fashion industry and tapping into her experiences listening to customers while working in clothing boutiques, SPUN officially launched in Seattle, in February 2008. Sara started with her debut season of classic basics, pieces that every woman needs in her closet. Designed to be the building block for future collections, the line is Sara’s spin on the eco-friendly lifestyle and natural fashion. The desire to make sustainably produced clothing accessible to every woman is Sara’s vision.

Each season, SPUN strives to bring eco-friendly clothing that meets Sara's personal three F’s…it fits, flatters and is fashionable. Each piece is proudly made in the United States using high quality fabrics and materials. SPUN shows women that eco-fashion doesn't have to be a luxury, it should be a choice. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sustaining our beautiful planet while allowing you to uphold your own personal style is essential. What started as a mother’s hope, cultivated by family support, is now achievable with SPUN.